Power failure: Power failure is responsible for 28% of computer system breakdowns.

Disruption of normal working hours: Over one third of companies take more than a day to recover from the disruption caused by a power failure. 10% take more than a week.

Potentially losing millions in revenue: Because of a power failure, 33% of companies lose between £10 000 and £250 000, 20% lose between £250000 and £1 million, 15% lose over £1 million.

Computer failure is a regular occurrence: Out of 450 leading companies surveyed; each suffered an average of 9 computer failures each year. (Source: Find FVP/Fortune 1000 companies).

Power Failures mean network must be reconfigured: Following a power failure it can take up to 48 hours to reconfigure a network system or a multi terminal.

The loss of valuable data, can all your data be replaced? It can take days, weeks or even months to re-input lost data. Sometimes data is lost forever, for instance in CAD or graphics applications where original work can never be recreated.

Loss of orders: While a company is recovering from a power failure, the selling process can be massively interrupted.

Company reputation: Loss of market share, damage to a companies' reputation, and loss of goodwill are not covered by insurance following a computer disaster.

Slow claims process: Insurance claims take a long time to settle - well after the disaster has occurred.

Company survival: 90% of all companies that experience a computer disaster and don't have a survival plan go out of business within 18 months (Source: Price Waterhouse).